So…  you think you’re an expert at female anatomy?  You’re pretty sure you know the
difference between a boob and a butt??

Not so fast!

iBooborButt is here to bring you back to earth; providing you with a proving ground
for your skills.  The stakes are high: bragging rights for all eternity!

So if YOU think you can tell the difference between a boob and a butt…  iBooborButt is
busting out the leather glove, and slapping you right across the face!

We’ll see you on the field of battle.

The Game:

You will be shown part of the female anatomy.
The rest will be hidden/blocked. Based on
that 1st image you must quickly decide whether the full image
behind are boobs or a butt.  You will have 5 seconds to successfully identify the image.


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Screen Shots: