Test your mind.

The object of the game is to destroy or remove the object on the screen without running out of time.
To destroy an object you must draw on the screen an object that destroys it.  For example if a fish is on the screen draw a hook to remove it.  If a boat is on the screen draw a wave.  If a gangster is on the screen draw a gun to shoot him.  Draw a bomb to destroy a building.  Some object can be destroyed by multiple different items.

The game starts with 10 seconds on the clock.

Time penalties are given if you draw something that cannot destroy the current item.
Time bonuses are given if you draw the correct item.

Points are added for each correct item drawn.

* online high scores
* gestured based drawing
* training Mode
* In game tips for incorrect drawings
* comical animations
* crazy sound track

High Scores


Screen Shots

Screenshot 2009.10.27 15.40.13

Screenshot 2009.10.27 15.39.42

Screenshot 2009.10.27 15.39.56