Have you ever wondered what your cat is up to while you’re out and about? Have you ever wondered how loudly you snore while you’re asleep? …Have you ever wondered?

iSpy records anything that moves or makes a sound, using just the power of your onboard Video-Camera.
Video recording can be triggered by sound and motion. Videos are conveniently saved in QuickTime format, with an in app preview. iSpy lets you discreetly observe your home, office or child’s nursery from your unassuming laptop or computer.

iSpy – Don’t Wonder Any More

Highly Reduced Size of Video Capture Files
Monitor Camera or Screen
Adjustable Video Capture Frame Rate
Video Recording Scaling
Audio/Video Recording Compression Settings
Adjustable Audio/Video Sensitivity
Hide To Dock While Monitoring
Auto Sleep Display While Monitoring
Adjustable Audio Input Level
Preview And Share Videos
Adjust Minimum Recording Time


“Helped me catch my naughty cat”


Apple Camera Issues: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT211130

iSpy Preferences file location: