NounStar is a really fun and effective way to introduce your mind to a brand new language!

Fully supported to learn: English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish

Specifically engineered to take with you whenever you’re on the go, you’ll never want to leave home without it. NounStar’s multi-lingual vocabulary builder is a preferred method for kick starting the otherwise and often expensive task of learning a new language.

Most language programs are monster sized, expensive, and can be complex to use. NounStar is the remedy, allowing you to quickly memorize the key words of a new language, without the headache.

NounStar uses the proven combination of native speakers, captivating images, and word spellings to expand your new vocabulary, and makes memorization fun! Whether you’re in flight or just waiting for a friend or colleague to show up, NounStar is the perfect companion to stimulate your brain the easy way.
Because NounStar actually tracks your progress in real time through each session and also from the day you start, you can view your progress which lets you know how far you’ve come and what categories you should be improving on.

We recommend that you have some fun with NounStar, starting with a few minutes here and there. Before you know it, you’ll notice a difference in your recall/memory performance. We challenge you to go out and test your newly learned skills with native speakers! See how you make out and let us know what you think in your review !
We will take your recommendations to heart so that we can improve both the learning curve and the overall experience for future versions to come.
This application is recommended for use by both children and adults. Enjoy!

“… I was skeptical at first of just how simple it was. But in just a couple of weeks I found myself being able to pronounce a ton of words and even managed to impress my leadership team who are at head office in Brazil.” -Brian, California.

“…since my wife and I both travel a lot in our professional life and have already found this app to be super helpful for over 3 different languages …we thought we’d give NounStar to our 20 year old niece who will be on an exchange next semester in Spain. Even though she already has a large vocabulary in Spanish,  we now know from our own experience that this will really help her gain more confidence in her pronunciation capabilities while making the transition into the culture.” -Jamal, Toronto.
“…I was hopeless with my French vocabulary, but NounStar helped me to get over my mental block.  Just in time for my trip to French Canada!” -Sandy, London.


  • Fully supported on the both the iphone and ipod touch.
  • An internet connection is not required to use the application
  • Full audio and text support in the following languages: English (Canada), Spanish, Portuguese, French (International)
  • High quality native speaker audio recordings
  • Three modes to choose from, with different combinations of learning methods via sound, images and text
  • Includes 4 languages: Over 500 words in 23 specially researched categories
  • Score tracking per category per learning method

Desktop Edition now available in the Mac App Store.

Video Demo

NounStar Screen Shot 1

NounStar Screenshot 2

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