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ZombieBalance Released


After all the Zombie wars are over someone needs to clean up all the left over Zombie bits.

This is now your job. Balance the Zombie pieces inflatable gaint water slide on the tombstones and don’t let them hit the ground or they will burst into flames.

Each level is unique. Stack up the pieces without dropping them. Rotate them by multi-touching the screen.


  • unlock more levels as you go
  • over 40 hand made levels
  • teleporters
  • spinning blocks
  • moving blocks
  • upload in game screen shots to facebook
  • exploding Zombie bits after level completion


Screen Shots

Screenshot 2009.10.21 14.31.45

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TapDestruction Released


Test your mind.

The object of the game is to destroy or remove the object on the screen without running out of time.
To destroy an object you must draw on the screen an object that destroys it.

For example if a fish is on the screen draw a hook to remove it.  If a boat is on the screen draw a wave.

If a gangster is on the screen draw a gun to shoot him.

Draw a bomb to destroy a building.

Some object can be destroyed by multiple different items.

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