You are one of the original space monkeys, launched into earth orbit before man had the courage to follow you. Due to a space bacteria, you remain alive to this day, spinning around the earth, and forgotten by man. Your long, lonely journey has become fraught with danger, as you now share your orbit with untold amounts of space junk. Now you must rely on your ancient jungle instincts to dodge and weave through man’s orbital antique show. Your only hope: to avoid a fatal collision, and to power up on more life-giving space bacteria along the way!
Sweet, addictive gameplay. Control your monkey by tilting left and right. Avoid missiles, bathtubs, other human debris, and even comets! Power up on space bacteria, or slow yourself down by impacting a harmless puff of space dust. Impress others with your high scores, fully supported by Open Feint.

One small step for man, one long ride for monkeykind!