The people of Saturn’s moon Europa have suffered for centuries at the hands of their evil oppressors, the Earthlings, who sought to enslave and destroy them. Two decades ago, a savior emerged for the people of Europa. They simply called her “Freedom”. Freedom realized that she could read not only the minds of Europans, but Earthling minds as well! Finally, the Europans were able to understand some of the Earthling technology that had been used against them for so long.

The playing field was beginning to level.

However, the Earthlings were battle-hardened and blood thirsty. Every gain that the Europans made was paid for in Europan blood. The battle has long been one of desperation for both sides, with Earthling pride, and Europan survival constantly at stake.

One year ago, in the Earth year 3012, the Earthlings mounted a formidable assault against Europa. Almost all Europan villages were destroyed by Earthling spacecraft. The remaining Europans fled to the remote village of Atlantis, their final holdout. With only three anti-aircraft guns, the Europans are now mounting a final, valiant defense of Atlantis and their hero Freedom.

Although the

Earthling fleet is almost insurmountable, and their rain of bombs unending, the Europans are left with no choice but to fight. No choice but to stand and face terror head on. No choice but to defend Freedom. No choice but to defend Atlantis!


  • upgradable guns
  • bonus enemies
  • several achievements through openfeint
  • super fast action shooting

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