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New Version of Pictogram Rebus Puzzles for iPhone and Android

Construct phrases based on pictographic clues.

Stimulate your mind with these pictogram puzzles.

Think outside the box and challenge yourself in a fun and diverse way.

These rebus picture puzzles are brain teasers that will have you mulling over riddles and possibilities.

Fun for all the family!


Unlock puzzles as you go
Great colourful graphics
50 unique puzzles
Easily navigate between puzzles
Helpful hints are available in case you get stuck
It’s engaging & addictive
Frees up your mind to think literally and laterally

Pictogram Puzzles


ALL 6eStudios games are completely FREE until midnight tonight in honour of the August 22nd, 1987 release of The Legends of Zelda® for the NES®! Have fun with them!

3D Pong Tricks

Atlantis Defense

Black/White Screen

Bounce Beats




Shark River Raid

Space Fall



Pictograms – Mind Sharpening Puzzles

Pictogram's Logo

Blow your mind! Increase your intelligence! Step up one and all, and enjoy the tantalizing pleasures of solving pictogram puzzles!

“Pictograms” will make your head spin, and your tail buzz. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

“Pictograms” challenges you to construct phrases based on pictographic clues. A plethora of exciting puzzles are included. Test yourself, test your friends.. enjoy!

Space Fall Released for iPhone


You are one of the original space monkeys, launched into earth orbit before man had the courage to follow you. Due to a space bacteria, you remain alive to this day, spinning around the earth, and forgotten by man. Your long, lonely journey has become fraught with danger, as you now share your orbit with untold amounts of space junk.

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Shark River Raid – Atari Classic For Iphone Released


iTunes Link



“Into the heart of darkness flows a river… and at the end of that river, lies victory.” – High Commander L. Splinder

A secret branch of the Army has unleashed a deadly experimental weapon upon the Enemy! In order to neutralize the Enemy’s river defenses, you must play a cyborg shark armed with a super-laser. You are programmed to DESTROY all threats: choppers; fighter planes; battle ships; and especially BRIDGES! Charging stations have been secretly placed in the river. You must maintain power in your laser, or you will self-destruct! This is to safeguard your technology from the Enemy. Above all, you are programmed to MAXIMIZE POINTS! You gain points by destroying threats and barriers – for extra points you can destroy your own charging stations, but BE careful. Now Go Forth And Serve Proud.

This game is inspired by the 1982 Atari® classic “River Raid®” – the first vertically scrolling shooter game ever!

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DolphinFlip 2.1 iPhone Game Released Free Promo


To celebrate the latest release of DolphinFlip we are giving the game away for a limited time.

Updates Include

All new game play modes
New menu screen
New high score/achievement system
New button control mode
OpenFeint integration
Faster Loading

Get it now!

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iTunes Download

Black Screen White Screen iPhone/Ipod Mind Game Released


Come and join in the fun of this simple game “Black Screen White Screen” the screen is divided into two parts one black and one white. A message will appear which says either “Black” or “White”. Follow the message to gain more time. The less time your have the less points you will get. The more time the more points.

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DolphinFlip 2.1 Release For iPhone/iPod – New Game Play Modes



All new game play modes
New menu screen
New high score/achievement system
New button control mode
OpenFeint integration
Faster Loading

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Atlantis Defense Game For iPhone/iPod Released – Classic Remake


The people of Saturn’s moon Europa have suffered for centuries at the hands of their evil oppressors, the Earthlings, who sought to enslave and destroy them. Two decades ago, a savior emerged for the people of Europa. They simply called her “Freedom”. Freedom realized that she could read not only the minds of Europans, but Earthling minds as well! Finally, the Europans were able to understand some of the Earthling technology that had been used against them for so long.

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5 Free Dolphin Flip Promo Codes For Iphone